What's the Gift?


I always ask my clients, "What's the Gift?" because no matter how hard life seems in the moment, there is always something important to learn about ourselves; what we believe, how we get stuck in similar situations, relationship, jobs etc. When we open up to release all the things that hold us back, we make room for joy, love and happiness. .  . . .  We find our way back to our heart; and that's an amazing gift!


Reiki Conversations

Awaken your body using the flow of Reiki, sound and conversation to experience positive shifts in your life.

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Affirmative Prayer

The spoken word is powerful! No matter who or what you prayer to, the spoken word is energy in motion redefining your inner and outer worlds.

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Yoga and Meditation

Kundalini Yoga is a beautiful and powerful technology that awakens your body, mind and spirit!

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Meet Cheryl

My unique offering is 'Reiki with a twist.'  Because we can't fully heal our minds without healing our bodies, my work with you dives deep into your dis-eases/stress/traumas allowing for releases, realignments, and an opening to new perspectives, feeling and possibilities.

It truly is a case of MIND OVER MATTER.

I help people rebrand themselves emotionally, spiritually and physically; taking them on a journey to find their heart, heal wounds and strategize on a new game plan to relaunch themselves after a broken relationship, career or any/all general dissatisfactions in life.